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 Automotive Products

DC/DC 48/12 V from 3,6 kW

The Power Management in the future electric cars is a very interesting and challenging topic for Electronic Designers. Integration of the magnetic elements, increasing the switching frequency and use Digital Control are some of the techniques used during these developments.

Main specifications:

  • High efficiency > 98 %
  • High Power density > 20 cm3
  • Safety ISO26262
  • Digital Control
  • Bus CAN

AC/DC On Board Charger from  3,6 kW

OBC is one of the key elements of the future electric vehicle. Since this element is placed inside the vehicle, the power density specifications are very demanding.

Main specifications:

  • High efficiency > 97 %
  • Power factor >0,98
  • THD< 10 %
  • High Power density > 10 cm3
  • Safety ISO26262
  • Digital Control
  • Bus CAN comunications

Magnetic: Inductors and Transformers

Sp has it own technologies of magnetic design, including a customised service. Our technologies will help you during the design and manufacture decreasing your actual cost.

Contact us for more information.