Research Lines - Sp COntrol Technologies
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Research Lines

 our research interest

DC/DC Converters for Electric Vehicle

The Power Management in the future electric cars is a very interesting and challenging topic for Electronic Designers. Integration of the magnetics, increase the switching frequency and use Digital Control are some of the techniques used during these developments.

SpCard & SpPulse

SpCard is our first product for rapid prototyping. This product is based in a hardware devices and a software app. With this product you can use templates of modulators.

SpPulse is the equivalent software for Arduino, Piccolo or Delfino (DSP from TI).

High Frequency Power Converters

The actual technologies allow us to reach switching frequencies in the order of MHz. Using new semiconductors (GaN) and integrated magnetics, higher power densities can be achieved.

Our amazing Lab is the place where the ideas grow

We have a nice place for sharing projects and experiences. In our Lab, the circuits become solutions and the ideas find their place