Team - Sp COntrol Technologies
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Meet the crew

Sp Control is formed by a list of amazing engineers and recognised advisors.

Chema Molina, CEO

Chema has a PhD in Electrical Enginnering (Polytechnic University of Madrid). He works in the business development and as a Power Electronic Engineer. He has a broad experience in hardware design and customer experience.

Alfonso Martínez, CTO

Alfonso Martínez completed a master on Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic School of Madrid, worked for one and a half years in the world of the Internet of Things in Madrid, and for five and a half years developing FPGA architectures for databases in Berlin, work he received the Award to the Young Alumni in 2016 for. At Sp he takes responsability for the new revolution in Magnetics.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Product Manager

Juan Carlos is the product manager of SpCard in addition to his labours leadering the engineering team in development projects. He has a broad experience designing digital architectures in SoC and FPGA.

Lucas Nicieza, Power Electronics Designer

Lucas Nicieza obtained his degree in Electrical Engineering from Escuela Politécnica de Gijón, at Universidad Oviedo and a Master degree of Electrical Energy Conversion and Power System at University of Oviedo. He made an intership in Taiwan at ITRI, developing Power Converters.

At Sp Control Technologies is an expert designing Power Stages being one the main Design Engineers of the team.

Juan Gallego, Junior Engineer

Juan Gallego is a brilliant student of Electrical Engineering at ETSII, UPM in Madrid. His speciality is Electronics Design, Coding and Modelling Magnetic Elements.

At Sp he works developing theoretical models of electric and magnetic systems.

Andrea Sanchez, Marketing Specialist

Andrea Sanchez obtains her degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad Complutense in Madrid and Community manager experience in startups companies. In Sp Control Technologies is  Manager of  marketing and communications.

Antonio Sutil, Mechatronic engineer

Antonio. M Sutil obtained his degree in Electronic Engineering by the University of Jaen and his Master degree in Electronic System of Power Conversion by the UPV. He also has been studying in Norway at the UiS. He has more than 2 year of experience in automotive companies as a mechanical and electronic integrity.
At SP Control Technologies he is the product designer dealing with the PCB design, thermal management and Mechanical definition.

Paula García-Gutierrez, Junior Engineer

Paula García-Gutiérrez is a hardworking student of industrial electronics at ETSII (Polytechnic University of Madrid).
At Sp Control Technologies she works with Finite Element Analysis and magnetic elements’ theoretical models.


Javier Uceda, UPM Professor and Scientific Advisor

Javier Uceda is Full Professor of Electronics at UPM since 1980. He was Rector of UPM from 2004 to 2012. Currently he is director of CEI (Centro de Electrónica Industrial, ETSII). Beyond all the technical and the profesional career, He is a very enthusiastic person who is capable of transmitting energy.

Teresa Riesgo, UPM Professor & Scientific Advisor

Teresa is full Professor in Electronics at UPM since 2003. She has been involved in International Relations Affairs of ETSII-UPM and from 2008 to 2012 Teresa was director of CEI (Centro de Electronica Industrial, ETSII). Currently, She is director of the department of Automatic, Electric and Electronics at ETSII (UPM). But what we love from Teresa are her amazing ideas during discussions and conceptual conversations.

Francisco Berlanga, Investor & Advisor

Francisco is  a real business man. As partner of a big company R&D projects he has been involve in multitud business situations. His experience creating business models and concepts is a very powerful weapon for a startup. He has strong skills analysing business models and potential markets. Very respectable  and funny man.