Services - Sp Control Technologies
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Technological Services

Sp Control Technologies provides services designing electronics for Aircraft, Military, Industrial or Automotive markets.

  • Analog Design

    Sp has the knowledge for designing the analog circuit that you need. Sp has designed circuits for the communication area. This circuit is able to receive the signals from a FPGA, adjust the electrical values and drive the signal through the BUS.

  • VHDL

    VHDL design is one of our expertise where we have more experience. We have developed a serie of projects developing setups. Additionally, our own products are designed in VHDL

  • DC/DC Design

    In Sp we have been developing a Full-Bridge Converter with two different semiconductor technologies, Si and GaN.

  • EMI filter Design

    EMI standards are very hard to comply specially in aircraft, military and space application. We have experience designing filters for different power ranges.

  • AC/DC active rectifiers

    We have designed AC/DC rectifiers for different applications achieving high performance in THD and Power factor correction.

  • Digital Architectures

    Since we are experts in VHDL, C and C++ we able to create your digital architecture. We love programming.