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The new (smaller) way to control the world.

Our new product takes the original SpCard to an adaptable peripheral for the Zedboard.

  • Modify your controlers with a few clicks

    The Zedboard is compatible with our software SpTool. When you add the uCard you have the perfect combination to cuztomize your controlers in a few minutes.

  • Board-to-Board PMOD Connector

    The µCard is 100% compatible with the Zedboard. We´ve provided a PMOD male connector to make your life easier.

  • Eight output signals

    You can get PWM in any way but with the uCard you´ll be able to put these signals directly into your circuits, making the controllers an easy step in your design.


Check out our user guides for more information

Hardware User Guide
SpTool User Guide

Get started on your control journey

Download the SpTool software and uCard configuration files down below.

SpTool Software

Zedboard Firmware